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Wrath Guard Adopts #3 - [Open] by Genesisnx Wrath Guard Adopts #3 - [Open] by Genesisnx
These guys are super fun, hoping to do one for each element. :D

Optional Info: Created by the Cardinal of Wrath, the Wrath Guard serve as high ranking enforcers in the Hellverse, though can often take on many other tasks as directed. Their bodies are purely mechanical, powered by a single soul which gives them life and dominance over which element it may have been aligned too.

#1 Conflux of Ice: $65

#2 Conflux of Life: $65


Be ready to pay within 24 hours of me contacting you. No time wasters please.

What You Can Do With This Adopt After Purchase [The TOS]
You are adopting an individual character within a species. You are able to:

Change two colors
Add accessories
Add piercings, scars, lost limbs, clothing, etc
Add them into whatever story you like
Change the Gender

Resell/sell rights of the character- But only at a price the same or lower then what you bought it for. AKA: No making money off of this work. Breaking even is fine.

You may post this image in your gallery, though crediting for the design in the description would be nice <3

If you void the TOS you automatically lose the adopt and I am not responsible for your additional purchases from other artists.
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